Tie Dyed shirts

Tie Dyed shirts

We are Artisans.

Leathertowne began as a group of leather artists that needed a place where they could interact with like minded people, educate and encourage each other, and to market our products.  As the site has evolved we felt our fellow artists that work in differing medias should have the opportunity to join in the fun.  With that in mind, our memberships now are open to all artists that want an inexpensive way market their crafts and learn with us.


The shopper will find a variety of goods in the shops under Mall; one can also use the drop down menu to access the categories found in the mall.

Some shopkeepers maintain an online storefront  for pre-made items; others take custom orders exclusively.   In either case, please read, understand and follow the shop owner's  order guidelines.  Please remember that custom work takes time and plan accordingly. If needed, please correspond via the shop owner's contact methods.

Join Us!

Our memberships are open to every artist and crafts-person, professional to novice, who expresses an attitude of quality work, outstanding customer service, and a genuine need to

Sterling Silver Dream Catch Pendant with Tourmaline stone.

Sterling Silver Dream Catch Pendant with Tourmaline stone.

help others in their craft.   Examples of welcome artists include: Leathercrafters of all kinds, Jewelry Makers, Metal Smiths, Wood Workers/Carvers, Tie Dye Artists, Graphic Artists, Steampunk artists, Pen and Ink Artists and painters and More!

Additionally, we welcome suppliers that express these same qualities and would like to join our community as a regular member or join our community as a regular member and advertiser.

Each Member receives access to our member area where they can set up a profile, create a specialized group (complete with its own live chat), forums, and a subdomain with wordpress installed and a presence in the shops area.  To find out more see the FAQ page or contact us with your questions or jump right in and join us!


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